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Brushes With Wildlife - An Evening with the RSPB
Friday 20th November 2009
The third Brushes with Wildlife Art Competition and Exhibition was organised by Macclesfield RSPB Wildlife Explorers and Bollington Arts Centre in support of The RSPB's Save the Sumatran Rainforest Campaign.
The event celebrated the diversity of British Wildlife and this year also included a category devoted to
Rainforest Wildlife.

On Friday evening Bollington Arts Centre was packed with art competition prize winners, Wildlife Explorers and their families. The evening showcased winning entries in both artwork and creative writing and showcased some short films on the work of the RSPB.

BWW Winner Keel-billed Toucan
Overall winner Imogen Walsh collecting her prize for her picture 'Keel-billed Toucan'.

BWW Winner BWW Winner
In the poetry and prose section Overall Winner Henry Brett read his poem 'Gecko'
and Rebecca Torr read her entry 'The Harvest Mouse'.
Gecko by Henry Brett.

I am Beauty.
          Sleek, startling and spotty.
          Vividly coloured like a the brightest masterpiece
          Eyelids like nocturnal shutters.

I am stealthy.
          Pouncing like a small child
          Seizing like a dagger.
          Jerky like a not very well made film.

I am fastidious.
          Clean like a swimming pool with no leaves in it.
          Well kept like a house with a million servants.
          Shiny like a car with metallic paint.

I am clever.
          Sneaky like a spy.
          Camouflage as good as the army clothes
          Shedding skin like a battered tyre.

I am at home.
          Deserts as hot as ovens.
          Icy mountains like freezers.
          Rainforests cool as can be.

I am a Gecko.

Art Winners

Overall Winner

Keel-billed Toucan by Imogen Walsh.

Art Competition Winners

Puffin by Charlotte Entwistle
Spot the Monkey by Nathanael Horton
Penguins on Ice by Ella Partington
Kingfisher by Katherine Mayer
Pretty Pollies by Alex Clarke
Mass Migration by Robbie Peal
Dragonfly by Rachel Fitchett
Robin by Chris Hanak

Photo Awards

Puffin by David Wilson
Sparrowhawk by Anna Moncur
Lime Hawkmoths caterpillar collage - William Mayer

Poetry and Prose Winners

Overall Poetry and Prose Winner:
         Gecko (I am Beauty) by Henry Brett
The Harvest Mouse by Rebecca Torr
Coral Snakes by Ella Doughty
Icy Winds by Gabriella Marfani
A Blue tit by William Mayer
Bill's winter by David Wilson

Additional Calendar
Award Winners

Male Mallard by James Fitchett
Great tit by Naomi Ashcroft
Darkness by Elizabeth Wright
Eagle Owls by Eleanor Bradley
Orangutan by Hebe Arnold
Ocelot by Kate Marsh
Flag-footed Bug by Joseph O'Donovan

Additional Christmas Card
Award Winners

Robin by Orlagh McKendry
Red Deer by Joe Kelly
Christmas by Alistair Hanak

BWW Winners
Prize winners gather on stage during An Evening with The RSPB.

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The evening was rounded off with a wonderful talk on 'Wildlife in our Gardens' by
local photographer and RSPB Member David Tolliday.