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Did you know?
Over half of the UK's birds and animals live at sea?

Great news!
They can now be protected!

The RSPB will be working with other experts to find the most important places for wildlife in the seas around our shores.
We want these special areas to be protected just as nature reserves on land are protected.
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to see what creatures
live around our shores.
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Target= 700
Final Total= 758

Macclesfield Wildlife Explorers & Phoenix want to
help the RSPB set up safe places for sea creatures.

We want to make sure that seabirds have safe places to nest
on land AND feed at sea. These reserves will be wonderful for the octopuses, starfishes, seahorses, crabs, corals, anemones and all of the creatures that live there.

Going to the seaside? Click on a picture to download/print our 'fun things to do' sheets.

Rock pool colouring sheet
Rock Pool Colouring Sheet

Rock Pools
Rock Pools


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Sea Bird Spotting (Part 1)

Sea Bird Spotting(2)
Sea Bird Spotting (Part 2)