Dawn Chorus - Alderley Edge National Trust

20th April 2008

Macclesfield RSPB Wildlife Explorers were up at the crack of dawn on Sunday to listen to the Dawn Chorus at the National Trust property at Alderley Edge. A walk through the wood was followed by a hearty barbecue breakfast. Despite cold and windy weather the group were delighted to hear a whole range of woodland birds including nuthatches and green woodpeckers. Rather more unexpected spots included a grey heron and a cormorant flying overhead.

We divided into two groups to walk through the woods to listen out for the birds welcoming the day as part of the Dawn Chorus.

Macclesfield Wildlife Explorers gathered at the Beacon.

Bird List
Blackbird Coal tit Feral pigeon Greenfinch Nuthatch
Blue tit Cormorant Goldcrest Grey heron Robin
Canada Geese Crow Great tit Magpie Song thrush
Chaffinch Dunnock Green woodpecker Mistle thrush Wood pigeon

We stopped along the way to make Sound Maps. When you really listen hard you can hear lots of things you don’t expect – leaves rustling, aeroplanes flying overhead and even Tina’s camera shutter.

As we walked round, we tried to find words for natural items beginning with the initial letters of ALDERLEY EDGE. Here are some of the best:
AAnt, Acorn, (Avocet – on the RSPB logo!)
LLogs, Larch
DDaffodils, Deadwood, Dog print
EEarth, East wind!
RRabbit, Rock
EEnglish oak, Excretion
YYaffle, Yawns, Yew Tree

EElder, Erosion
DDirt, Drey
GGreen woodpecker, Geese

Relaxing before the barbecue breakfast.

The Leaders had prepared an excellent barbecue breakfast and to round off the morning we played a run-around story game all about our early morning meeting at Alderley Edge.