RSPB Phoenix - Habitat and Wildlife Survey
at Pikelow Farm, Schools Lane, Marton SK11 9HD
Sunday 18th May 2008
A team of Macclesfield Wildlife Explorers RSPB Phoenix members met at Pikelow Farm in Marton to conduct a wildflower survey and identify some of the insects and invertebrates present.

Macclesfield RSPB Phoenix Team
Carrying out the survey.

With lots of identification advice from David Taylor, the wildlife-friendly owner of Pikelow Farm, we plotted the locations of various wildflower species on a map of the site.
Common and White Dead nettles.
Cuckoo flower
Bog bean
The aim was also to identify terrestrial invertebrates that we found to at least family level. The farm had a wide range of different insects.
Keeping a record.
Mining bee.
Slender groundhopper.
Scorpion fly.
2 Spot ladybird.
Wasp beetle.
Relaxing in the sunshine afterwards.

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RSPB Phoenix in Macclesfield is for children aged 12-19.