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Wildlife and Outdoor World

Sunday 14th September 2008

On Sunday 14th September Macclesfield RSPB Wildlife Explorers and their families were out in force to support the Wildlife and Outdoor World (WOW) event organised
by the Macclesfield RSPB Local Group
at Pikelow Farm in Marton.

The theme for the day was Homes for Wildlife.
There were lots of opportunities for visitors to learn all about wild creatures, the places where they live and how we can all help encourage wildlife into our own gardens.
Wildlife Explorers at WOW.
Les Chandler from the RSPB.

Les Chandler from the RSPB came to lend a hand
and lots of families turned up to help run games
like the Coconut Shy, Golf putting, Hook a Duck, the Rat game and the Owl Game (throwing baby barn owls back into their nestbox!).

Kate and David Staniland, and Les Chandler from the RSPB, helping with the games.
Rat Game.
Owl Game.
Homes for wildlife.

There was a quiz to identify the most
birdsí nests, feathers and wildlife homes
correctly and earn the title of
East Cheshire Bird Brain!

Some of the Wildlife Explorers (and their Mums!) donned brilliant bird costumes to help promote our activities.

Pin badge donations alone topped one hundred pounds!
Dressing up.
Dressing up.

The Mayor of Macclesfield, Councillor Thelma Jackson, met Mrs Taylor and the Wildlife Explorers.
Making homes for wildlife.

At the RSPB Coombes & Churnet stand
Wildlife Explorers made insect and nestboxes.
Making homes for wildlife.
Making homes for wildlife.

During the day Wildlife Explorers used recycled materials to build a Wildlife Hotel.

We hope that lots of creatures will benefit from this fantastic wildlife habitat and find a safe place to shelter or hibernate this winter.

We included homes for solitary bees, lacewings and ladybirds in our design.
Wildlife Hotel.
Nicholas Winterton MP and Tina Hanak.
Nicholas Winterton MP and Wildlife Explorers Leader Tina Hanak inspect the Wildlife Hotel.
We even added a toad hole in a cool dark corner, hoping to attract one to stay at the hotel!

It is a good idea to attract insects to your garden. You can help control pest species by encouraging insects like ladybirds that have a voracious appetite for aphids (they eat up to 500 a day!) You can contribute to the conservation of struggling species like bumble bees and solitary bees and you can help provide a vital food source for other garden creatures like frogs, toads, shrews, hedgehogs and, of course, birds.

If you are interested in providing special places for wildlife in your own garden
click here to read the RSPBís Homes for Wildlife pages.

The Leaders would like to thank all of the children, parents and other volunteers who helped prepare for and run this event, making it a fantastic success.