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Bollington Festival - Carnival Parade

Saturday 9 May 2009
Once again Wildlife Explorers beat the weather forecast as our thirty-strong group joined more than a thousand people walking in Bollington Festival Carnival Parade in glorious sunshine.

bollington02a.jpg bollington02b.jpg
In order to become a moving rainforest ecosystem Wildlife Explorers had recycled old plastic bags to make costumes and festoon willow arches with leaves and creepers.

bollington05a.jpg bollington05b.jpg
We wore masks to represent the huge variety of rainforest wildlife from tiny tree frogs to the magnificent Sumatran Tiger.

bollington07a.jpg bollington07b.jpg
And had our faces painted like a Sumatran Tiger.

bollington09a.jpg bollington09b.jpg
We even brought our own waterfall complete with fish.

Lots of people came out and lined the streets to cheer us on.

The Parade made its way through the middle of the village of Bollington where shops were decorated with bunting.


At the ATAX Field our stand offered 'Face painting', 'Seed planting', 'Guess the name of the cuddly toy' and a 'Sumatran Treasure Hunt'. We recycled books into donations that will help replant a hectare of forest.

Our thanks to Spivey's Web of Chestergate, Macclesfield
for kindly donating a selection of brilliant eye-catching outfits.

Thank you to everyone who helped with preparations for the Parade and our Stand.

We raised nearly 100 towards our fundraising target to enable the RSPB to replant one hectare of rainforest.

Competition Results - Guess the name!
The cuddly Tiger was called CLAWS and the cuddly Clouded Leopard Cub was called TANGO.

50p plants a tree!
For more information on how you can help Macclesfield RSPB Wildlife Explorers save the Sumatran Rainforest please call the Group Leader Tina Hanak on 07870 804413.