Macclesfield Wildlife Explorers RSPB Phoenix

The Birdwatch morning at Dean Oaks was great fun and some of the groups were able to use their survey information for a data handling project in their maths lesson.

Pupils spotted lots of Jackdaws and Wood pigeons, some Carrion crows, Collared doves and a Starling.

deanoaks06 deanoaks03
One eagle-eyed birdwatcher found three Greenfinches at the top of a tree.

deanoaks04 Wood pigeon
The bird feeders near the play equipment were a great place to spot some of the smaller birds including Great tits, Blackbirds, Blue tits and a Robin.

Volunteer RSPB Wildlife Explorer Leaders were on hand to explain how to use binoculars
and 'spotting telescope' safely, and help with bird identification.