RSPB Phoenix

Brilliant Bees
Thursday 20th May 2010

The Brilliant Bees meeting was buzzing with activity!

Brilliant Bees(02)
We made our own model bees and learned all about how important bees are as pollinators.
(Everyone in the group had eaten a fruit or vegetable that relies on bees this week).
Brilliant Bees(01)
We talked about the different kinds of bees and the problems they face like loss of habitat and disease.

Brilliant Bees(04)
We played lots of games and the Leaders were delighted at our good bee-haviour!

Brilliant Bees(03) Brilliant Bees(05)
We also tried to replicate the honey bee's waggle dance.
This is how a bee communicates where the best food sources are to the rest of the hive.

Brilliant Bees(06) Brilliant Bees(08)

Brilliant Bees(07)   

Tina also announced that the Group had been awarded
Runners Up in the competition for
Wildlife Explorers Group of the Year!


Well done Macclesfield RSPB Wildlife Explorers!