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Bug Hunt at King's School Junior Division
Thursday 17th June 2010

Leaders from Macclesfield RSPB Wildlife Explorers visited the Ginkgo Meadow
at King's School Junior Division to run a Bug Hunt in the meadow.

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Kings Bug Hunt(01)
Armed with bug pots, children from the school's Nature Club discovered lots of
interesting creepy crawlies. The meadow was literally buzzing with life!

Kings Bug Hunt(03) Kings Bug Hunt(02)
We used 'sweep nets' in the meadow to see what insects lived there.

Kings Bug Hunt(04) Kings Bug Hunt(05)
We also investigated the invertebrate population in some of the trees
by shaking branches onto a white sheet.

The best finds included 2-spot ladybirds, lacewings, shieldbugs,
froghoppers, plant bugs, a honey bee and lots of earwigs!