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World Worm Charming Championships
Saturday 26th June 2010

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Two teams from Macclesfield RSPB Phoenix competed at the
2010 World Worm Charming Championships
in Wilaston, Cheshire.

Each year teams from all over the world try to charm
as many worms as possible from a 3m x 3m plot of ground in 30 minutes.

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The teams were keen to put techniques with a scientific basis to the test.
Worms are sensitive to vibrations, a fact exploited by predators like moles and even blackbirds!

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Despite heroic efforts by both teams they were unable to convince any worms to make an appearance.
It was a disappointing but not unexpected result given the recent very dry conditions.

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This years overall winners
were Jamie and Darren Long.
They 'charmed' a total of 43 worms!
(Last years winning total was 567).

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