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Rainow Tree Dressing
Wednesday 29th June 2010

Leaders from Macclesfield RSPB Wildlife Explorers helped
Rainow Primary School with their Tree Dressing activities.

People and trees have had a close relationship for thousands of years.
They have provided us with shelter and materials.
Tree Dressing is an ancient way of celebrating their importance by decorating local trees.

Rainow Primary School decorated their trees with biodegradable clay and bits of foliage found under the trees.

(Click on a picture for a larger image.)

Rainow Tree Dressing(5) Rainow Tree Dressing(6)
Rainow Tree Dressing(2) Rainow Tree Dressing(8)
Rainow Tree Dressing(03) Rainow Tree Dressing(6)
Rainow Tree Dressing(7) Rainow Tree Dressing(9)
Year 6 also took part in a Bee Scene survey to check if the school grounds were good for Bees.
There were lots of flowers that are excellent sources of nectar for bees
and the group had lots of fun searching for and identifying flowers.
The school have planted a virtual flower on the Bee Scene survey map!

Rainow Tree Dressing (1)