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Saturday 18th September 2010

(See pictures of Tinkers Clough at

To celebrate RSPB's Feed The Birds Day and the re-opening of Tinkers Clough Wood, Wildlife Explorers had a great time at Bollington Arts Centre
making bird nest boxes and bat roosting boxes for the Wood,
and bird feeders to take home.

Feed The Birds Day(02) Feed The Birds Day(03)
Making insects homes was very popular, but getting all yucky by squashing fat and seeds
in and around pine cones to make bird feeders was the favourite.
They took all of them home to hang in their gardens for tits to feed on.

Feed The Birds Day(01)
Wildlife Explorers also made bird feeders by squashing fat and seeds into holes in small logs.
They took them home to hang in their gardens for tits to feed on.

Feed The Birds Day(04) Feed The Birds Day(05)
Wildlife Explorers also made nest boxes to go in Tinkers Clough Wood.

Feed The Birds Day(04) Feed The Birds Day(05)
The wood for the Tawny Owl and Kestrel nest boxes had to be screwed together.

Feed The Birds Day(06) Feed The Birds Day(07)
And after making them, the hard work was carrying them to Tinkers Clough Wood.

Feed The Birds Day(08)
No lack of volunteers to carry the ladder!

Feed The Birds Day(09) Feed The Birds Day(10) Feed The Birds Day(11)
But they left the fixing of the bird nestboxes and bat roosting boxes to the 'experts'.

Tinkers Clough Bollington
Tinkers Clough wood in Bollington has recently undergone a major restoration project overseen by Bollington Initiative Trust. Macclesfield RSPB Wildlife Explorers helped to celebrate the re-opening of Tinkers Clough by making a selection of nestboxes and bat boxes that are now being used to encourage wildlife in the wood. Visitors to our event at Bollington Arts Centre made a selection of nestboxes to encourage woodland birds like spotted flycatchers and some large nestboxes for kestrel and tawny owl. At the end of the event Leaders took the nestboxes and batboxes and put them up in suitable sites at Tinkers Clough providing an immediate increase in nesting and roosting opportunities for wildlife in the wood.

The event combined with The RSPB's Feed the Bird's Day and visitors also made a selection of bird foods and bird feeders and collected bird food recipes, hints and tips on wildlife gardening.

The RSPB's Feed the Birds Day reminds us about all the things we can do to help birds and other garden wildlife through the winter.

Three of our most familiar garden birds - the house sparrow, starling and song thrush - have large populations in our gardens and need our help. The RSPB's Homes for Wildlife scheme explains how you can provide that help. Over 150,000 people have so far received the RSPB's free wildlife gardening advice. But the more people who take part in Homes for Wildlife, the more areas will be better for wildlife! After such a cold winter last year it will make a real difference.

For more information on how you can give your garden wildlife a boost,
please contact one of our Leaders.