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Wonderful Water
Thursday 17th March 2011

In this meeting we took a much closer look at freshwater life! We used magnifiers and a binocular microscope to observe even the tiniest aquatic creatures.

Wonderful Water

Mythical Water Creatures
   As a 'Joining Activity' Wildlife Explorers drew
   Mythical Water Creatures.
Click here for their artwork.
Wonderful Water

The group also watched fascinating videos
of microscopic creatures like
Amoeba and Stentor (two unicellular organisms),
Hydra, Daphnia (a water flea),
and the very cute Water Bear (a tardigrade).

Everyone had chance to use a microscope to look at pre-prepared slides, and the magnifier
allowed us to see tiny creatures, including mayfly larvae and freshwater shrimps, in great detail.

Phoenix learned about the development and use of microscopes from curiosities to their use in
medical applications (eg counting microscopic cells).

We looked at lots of water samples and even our very own live example of a Water Bear!

The fantastic binocular microscope was kindly donated to our group
by Celia MacKenzie.    Thank you Celia!

This event was organised as part of
National Science and Engineering Week.