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Dawn Chorus at Tinkers Clough,
Macclesfield Canal & the Middlewood Way
Saturday 7th May 2011

Dawn Chorus

After a night of thunderstorms and heavy rain we could have expected a really dull,
wet start to our Dawn Chorus walk. Instead the sun decided to come out and the
birds were in full song - perfect conditions to appreciate the birds singing.

At the start, David Tolliday introduced birdsong and played recordings
of the bird songs we expected to hear.

Incredibly the recordings encouraged both blackbirds and great tits
to call back to the amplified versions of their own calls.

Our walk through Tinkers Clough wood, along the Macclesfield Canal and back along the Middlewood Way
gave us the opportunity to identify a fantastic range of birdsong.

The Group made sound maps, listening to all the different noises in Tinkers Clough Wood,
from the calls of woodpigeons to the breeze rustling in the trees, and even a Wildlife Explorer sneezing!

Best Sound Maps
Prize winners in the
Best Sound Maps competition.

By the end of the morning.....
(or the start of most people's mornings).....
we had worked up a great appetite!

With homemade porridge,
delicious dry cured bacon donated by Heathcotes Butchers
in Bollington
and sizzling sausages courtesy of
The co-operative
in Bollington.

   J.J.J.Heathcote Butchers,
   Palmerston St, Bollington    and    114 Wellington Rd, Bollington.

  Dawn Chorus 2011 Bird List

  Aylesbury Duck Greenfinch Robin
  Blackbird Herring Gull Song Thrush
  Blackcap House Martin Sparrowhawk
  Blue Tit Jackdaw Swallow
  Canada Goose Lesser Black-Backed Gull Treecreeper
  Carrion Crow Magpie Willow Warbler
  Chaffinch Mallard Wren
  Chiffchaff (heard) Nuthatch Wood Pigeon
  Dunnock Peacock (heard)  
  Great Tit Pheasant