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Slugs and Snails
Thursday 19th May 2011

Our latest indoor meeting investigated the fascinating world of Slugs and Snails.
These amazing Gastropods are common in our gardens and countryside
and are a vital part of many food chains.

Slugs and Snails

The Leaders made Slug Soup (a liquidised mixture of lettuce that slugs and snails like to eat)
and spread it on perspex sheets. The Group could then watch slugs and snails eating using a radula,
which is like a very rough tongue.

We identified their breathing holes, optical and sensory tentacles
and observed how these creatures move, using a muscular foot sliding over a trail of slime.

We also learned that slugs and snails can move safely over razor sharp surfaces
because of the slime they secrete from their foot.

We made beautifully coloured 'Stained Glass' Snails and designed our own colourful snail shells.

We also had fun making Human Sculptures!
Wildlife Explorers transformed into a Snail, a Centipede,a Ragworm,
a Caterpillar, a Butterfly, a Sea Anemone, and even an Octopus!