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Brereton Heath BIOBLITZ
Sunday 5th June 2011

What better day than World Environment Day for a comprehensive survey of Biodiversity at Brereton Heath Local Nature Reserve.

   Welcome to our BIOBLITZ

A window of good weather opened just in time for our 'Bioblitz' event, where a surveying team more than 70 strong investigated the habitats on the reserve to identify and record all manner of creepy crawlies, fungi, plants and bird life.

During the morning there were three bird surveys with fantastic spots including a Kingfisher, Buzzard,
Swallow, Swift, Willow Warbler, Jay and Spotted Flycatcher.


The pond dipping team claimed the first official record of an adult male smooth newt at the BBC Breathing Places Dipping Pond - they also discovered a number of newt tadpoles, indicating a healthy breeding population. The pond was teeming with life - great news as this relatively new pond becomes established.

Despite unpromising weather conditions for the fungi survey
a good selection of species were located and identified.

With windy conditions the butterfly surveyors were lucky to spot examples of Common Blue and Small Copper but also enthusiastically collected other invertebrates for identification and did some bird spotting too,
getting a fantastic close-up view of a Jay!

We surveyed two areas of the reserve as part of a Bee Scene Survey - to determine if the reserve is a good place for bees, by looking at the wildflowers growing there.

We also completed the following OPAL surveys:
  • Air quality (Lichens)
  • Water Quality
  • Soil (Earthworms)
  • Climate Change
  • Bugs Count

  • rECOrd Manager, Eric Fletcher

    rECOrd Chairman, Paul Hill
    Representatives of rECOrd collated and recorded our observations
    and helped with the tricky task of identifying some invertebrates to species level.

    East Cheshire Ranger Mark Arnold
      East Cheshire Ranger Mark Arnold would also like to
      Thank everyone for contributing survey results that can now be used
       to help with planning conservation management at Brereton in the future.

      The following pictures were taken by local Wildlife Photographer David Tolliday during our Bioblitz.
    Visit his website at to see more of his work.


    Common Spotted Orchid

    Ragged Robin

    Azure Damselfly
    Azure Damselfly

    Common Blue Damselfly

    Common Blue butterfly

    Scorpion Fly

    Azure Damselfly

    Wolf Spider

    Thank you to all of our volunteer Surveyors, event helpers
    and all the visitors who supported this event.

    We recorded well over a hundred species on the day. Well done everyone!