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Barnaby Festival
Saturday 18th June 2011

Macclesfield Wildlife Explorers joined in the fun at the
'Barnaby at the Beach' Fete at Christ Church Macclesfield.

Barnaby Festival

The Barnaby Parade and Fete began with a torrential rainstorm.
Participants and lots of visitors braved the elements and despite getting drenched
they were able to enjoy dry and sunnier spells through the rest of the afternoon.

We blew up lots of balloons and gave them out.

Some Junior Leaders and Phoenix were becoming expert at this by the end of the day!

The ground was muddy but this did not deter the Wildlife Explorers Team from playing
Story Run-Around Games - using lots of sea creature crafts that children had made at the Fete.
We ran round with our creatures and moved in and out like the tide!

We made human sculptures: a sea anemone and a shoal of fish.....

.....a sea urchin and a jellyfish with lots of stinging tentacles.

The Wildlife Explorers stand had Face Painting.....

.....Guess the name of the Fish, Sea Creature pin badges and a 3D Treasure Map
all raising funds for the RSPB's I'm on the Sea's Side Campaign.

There was lots of information to take away about all kinds of coastal wildlife and exploring beaches.

We all had lots of fun at
Macclesfield's 2011 Barnaby Festival!