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World Worm Charming Championship
Saturday 25th June 2011

Two intrepid teams from Macclesfield RSPB Phoenix Group
entered this year's World Worm Charming Competition in Willaston.

World Worm Charming Championships

A combination of excellent preparation, team members being at the peak of
their physical fitness and the fact that we had a very wet June
meant that the results this year were exceptional.

The Teams recorded two 'Personal Bests' - 77 worms and 137 worms.
Our most exciting and rewarding competition yet.

Out of 144 entries we featured in the Top 20!

Our highest score also convincingly beat Comedian and TV personality
Adrian Edmondson who was participating as part of a new ITV series,
'Made in Britain' which will air in the Autumn.
(We are hoping some Wildlife Explorer T-shirts and silly Rookie hats make it past the cutting room floor!)

Team trainer Tina Hanak said, "With this fantastic result under our belts
we can spend the next year developing a strategy based on an integrated scientific approach.
We will be taking a leaf out of nature's book, looking at the way blackbirds and moles hunt for worms.
I think we have to be seen as real contenders for next year's trophy".

Both teams will now be resting over the summer before starting training again in the autumn term!

Well done Worm Charmers!