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Owl Ringing
Tuesday 5th July 2011

This owl ringing event was led by Neville Powell from the South Manchester Ringing Group, assisted by Hugh Pulsford the County Bird Recorder for Cheshire.

Report by David Wilson, Junior Leader Macclesfield Wildlife Explorers.

Owl Ringing

This event had to be organised at short notice when the birds were of the right age and the weather conditions favourable. As a result this was a special 'invitation only' Wildlife Explorers and Phoenix event.

Wildlife Explorers met at a secret location just out of Macclesfield
to see three barn owl chicks being ringed by a registered bird ringer.

Neville Powell from the South Manchester Ringing Group, took the owls from the box.
Hugh Pulsford who is the County Bird Recorder for Cheshire and also a member of the
South Manchester Ringing Group assisted with the ringing, weighing and measuring.

We saw their sharp hooked beaks and powerful talons.
Some of the feathers were adult plumage and some were still fluffy juvenile feathers.

Several of us had the opportunity to hold one of these magnificent creatures.

They felt really soft and light and looked so cute!

Everyone enjoyed themselves despite not all of us having the chance to hold one.
David Wilson