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Tuesday 26th July 2011

Macclesfield RSPB Wildlife Explorers Leaders help out at
Prestbury C. of E. Primary School's Nature Week.

Nature Week

During the Nature Weeek organised by teacher Mr Mackay,
volunteer Leaders from Macclesfield's RSPB Wildlife Explorers Group explained about the Sumatran Rainforest, the richest in plantlife in the world, and home to a stunning array of birds and wildlife.
However, it has suffered from years of illegal logging.
The RSPB and its partners have already spent years fighting to protect the rainforest in Sumatra and are now working to restore part of the rainforest called Harapan (the Indonesian word for 'hope').
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Nature Week

We made 'funky gibbons'.

...and played 'Rainforest' games.

We coloured pictures of robins and swallows, and tried to 'Find The Difference' between two pictures.

Robins were the popular choice to colour, despite the swallows having flown all the way from South Africa!

Thanks to Prestbury C. of E. Primary School for their hospitality.