Wildlife Garden Creation at
Pikelow Farm, Marton.

Tuesday 23rd August2011

Volunteers from Wildlife Explorers and Macclesfield RSPB Local Group
met at Pikelow Farm to create a wildlife pond,
the first step in the creation of a very special wildlife garden.

Wildlife Pond Creation

Armed with spades and lots of enthusiasm the team soon saw our pond take shape.
(Actually its shaped just like a jelly baby - with our bog garden area forming the head!)

In less than 3 hours our pond was dug, lined and filled with water.

The Wildlife Garden will form part of the Wildlife Explorer activities at WOW (Wildlife and Outdoor World)
on September 11th 2011. If Wildlife Explorers are successful the whole garden will be completed during the WOW event and will qualify for an RSPB Wildlife Action Gold Award.

Local schools and uniformed groups have been invited to help with some of the projects such as making bird and bat boxes, creating a compost heap and planting wildflowers.
Wildlife Pond Creation

Thank you to all of our hard-working volunteers
and especially to David Taylor at Pikelow Farm
for reserving part of the farm for us use and
preparing the ground so well!
(We avoided lots of stings as all the nettles were removed for us!)