RSPB Wildlife and Outdoor World Extravaganza
at Pikelow Farm, Marton.

Sunday 11th September 2011

What a fantastic day! Loads of people had lots of fun learning about wildlife
and the natural world, playing games, and having their faces painted with
wild creatures and incredible tattoos, raising lots of money for The RSPB.

During the event Wildlife Explorers completed their
RSPB Wildlife Action Gold Award Winning Garden.

Pikelow Farm was packed with exhibits - everything from vintage farm vehicles to farm animals and wildlife charities. Macclesfield RSPB Wildlife Explorers ran quizzes and games (including a coconut shy, golf game feed the baby barn owl game!) as well as building a wildlife garden and running lots of other activities and nature surveys. For once at one of our events the weather forecast got it wrong and it didn't rain!
RSPB Wildlife and Outdoor World Extravaganza

RSPB Wildlife Explorers Wildlife Action Gold Award Winning Garden
Macclesfield RSPB Wildlife Explorers and Phoenix were joined by local children and their families and wildlife experts to help build a wildlife garden in just one day during our WOW event. By successfully completing a whole range of activities the Group were able to qualify for a prestigious RSPB Wildlife Action Gold Award.

Read about each of these activities below.

What's that Flower
Frankie led a Bee Scene Survey - she identified flowers which would be great for bees!

Plant Survey
A group of Wildlife Explorers walked round the site and identified lots of plants.
(Some of them were very difficult!)

List of all wild flowers identified at Pikelow farm, Marton, 11/09/2011
En-route from Wildlife Explorers Exhibits to area between ponds


Flowers recorded

Area 1 - edge of mown grassland
and along path (inc. quadrant)

Bee Scene Flowers
White clover, Red clover, Red campion, rosebay willowherb, dandelion, foxglove, white deadnettle, thistle

Other Flowers
Nettle, ragwort, scentless mayweed, sowthistle, cats ear, jacob's ladder, feverfew, coltsfoot, teasel, hawkbit, lesser willow herb, cleavers, poppy, raspberry, dock, plantain, dame's violet, sedge

Quadrant - edge of path/field
Red campion, teasel, clover x2, plantain, dandelion, nettle, bramble

Area 2 - between pond and hedges,
that includes grassland, marshy area
and pond side

Bee Scene Flowers
Bramble, dandelion, rose, foxglove,red and white clover, rosebay willowherb, thistle, red campion

Other Flowers
Flag iris, cleavers, buttercup, milkwort, reedmace, coltsfoot, chickweed, oxeye daisy, mint, teasel, great willowherb, lesser willowherb, sow thistle, cats ear, plaintail, bittercress, selfheal, hogweed, ground elder, ragwort, nettle.

Minibeasts - Close Up

The brilliant Jeff Clarke took Wildlife Explorers
on a brilliant Bug Hunt!

We found:
Rough snail, Cone footed spider,
Harvestman, Common froghopper,
Bark fly, Shield bug,
Common flower bug, Earwig,
2 spot ladybird, 7 spot ladybird,
Greenfly, Moth caterpillar,
Lacewing, Rumex weevil,
Common groundhopper, Crab spider,
Caddis fly, Green birch shieldbug,
Fruit fly and Leaf hopper.

Counting Butterflies and Moths

Our butterfly hunt was unsuccessful although we did see some interesting insects.
The overnight moth trap resulted in the following species being identified:
Straw dot, Lesser yellow underwing, Green carpet, Hebrew Character, Large yellow underwing,
Frosted Orange, Rosey Rustic, Autumnal rustic, Flounced rustic, Brimstone, Square spot rustic.

Go Birdwatching

On our birdwatching walk we saw:
Blackbird, Blue tit, Bullfinch, Carrion crow, Coal tit, Great tit, Greenfinch,
House sparrow, Mallard, Moorhen, Robin, Swallow, Wood pigeon.

Taking Part in a Survey

Visitors had fun running the OPAL Surveys and identified plants and minibeasts
in a stretch of hedgerow next to the wildlife garden.
RSPB Wildlife and Outdoor World Extravaganza

Where mini-beasts live

We restocked the fantastic Hibernation Hotel
that we built during WOW 2008.

We also made mini-beast homes
from bundles of canes.
RSPB Wildlife and Outdoor World Extravaganza

Create a pond
The amazing water plant expert David Hatter from Aqualife
helped us plant up our pond with a fabulous selection of native plants.

Very muddy work - and lots of fun.
RSPB Wildlife and Outdoor World Extravaganza

Nestboxes for birds
We built three different sorts of nestboxes.

Bat Boxes

We made Bat Boxes
with ridged boards
to help the bats land
and crawl inside.

Feeding Birds

Visitors made pine cone feeders
and our giant Siskin
hung some in the wildlife garden.

Helping Hedgehogs

Volunteer Leaders helped visitors build a fabulous Hedgehog Box from old wine boxes.

Planting Trees

One of our volunteers donated oak trees for us to plant.

Creating a Wildlife Garden

We carefully planted lots of wildflower seeds in the garden.

Looking after a Wildlife Garden

Our RSPB Phoenix members and Junior Leaders signed a pledge to return to the garden to carry out maintenance at their outdoor meeting in January.
We've recognised its importance by making it an event in our programme!

Save It

We handed out the How Big is Your Footprint leaflets to help visitors identify how they can make practical changes to their own lifestyles. We also had Climate Change thermometers to encourage everyone to turn down their heating thermostats to save the planet!

Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle

We had three bins
and visitors sorted their own litter
and gained some fab facts
about the benefits of recycling.


Our brilliant composting expert Phil Shaw
built a fantastic compost heap
with lots of help from the Bosley Eco Club.

Collecting Litter

Our Junior Leaders walked the site collecting and recycling litter.

Climate Action Award

In preparation for our Gold Wildlife Action Award application, our new Junior Leader Frank completed an RSPB Climate Action Award. We promoted Wildlife Action Awards and Climate Action Awards by handing out lots of leaflets.

Get Creative

Visitors helped to make a Wishes Tree.
The leaves were made by drawing round their hands
then they added their own wish for the natural world.

Put On A Show

Our RSPB Phoenix members
took it in turns
to wear giant bird costumes.

They fluttered round the event
to promote our
wildlife garden activities.

Make A Display

Junior Leader David Wilson and RSPB Phoenix member Adam Wilson made a display board to promote our Group and the Wildlife Explorers' Fundraiser 'Save Birds of Prey'.

Get In The News

We managed to get in to the Cheshire Independent (twice in one issue!) and even got a mention for our Wildlife garden on Local Radio station Silk FM.

Write To Your MP

We got lots of Sea Bird pledges signed - these will send a message to Parliament!
We also met the Mayor and explained what we were doing and why it was so important.

Raising Funds for Wildlife

Our event raised more than 5,000 for the RSPB's Living Classrooms initiative!

Involving Others

We saw around 1,000 visitors during the day!

Everyone had loads of fun having their faces painted with wild creatures and incredible tattoos,
playing games and making dragonflies.

RSPB East Cheshire Bird Brain Competition

Thanks to all of our hard-working volunteers,
our fantastic face painting team and to David & Ann Taylor
for allowing the RSPB to use Pikelow Farm,
we got our Gold Award!

Congratulations Everyone!

RSPB Wildlife Action Awards are all about finding out about wildlife,
doing practical things to help and spreading the word about conservation.
Anyone can take part. click here for more information.