Birds of Prey.

Thursday 15th September 2011

Some of our rarest and most spectacular birds of prey are under threat.
People are still poisoning and shooting them in the countryside.
That's wrong and it's against the law.

Our first indoor meeting of the season focussed on Birds of Prey
and the difficulties that these birds face.
This year our RSPB Wildlife Explorers Fundraiser is Save Birds of Prey.

Birds of Prey

We made stunning collages of Ospreys using paper feathers cut in the shape of our hands.

Younger members made crowns with Birds of Prey set on them.
(A great selection - from Golden eagles to Buzzards and Peregrine falcons).

We played games that explained which birds are classified as Birds of Prey
and the good and bad things that affect the habitats where these magnificent birds live.

Our second session welcomed PC Sarah Marson
of Cheshire Police who talked to us about
Wildlife Crime.

She told us lots of interesting information
on how creatures are protected by the
Wildlife and Countryside Act
and the sorts of crimes investigated in our area.

And more games to finish the meeting!