Bat Walk at Alderley Park,
Nether Alderley (AstraZeneca).

Thursday 22nd September 2011

Clare Sefton from South Lancashire Bat Group led a fascinating bat watching
evening in the AstraZeneca grounds. Due to the time of day of the bat watch,
it was an 'invitation only' RSPB Phoenix and Wildlife Explorers event.

Bat Walk at Alderley Park

Clare has a license which enables her to handle bats and she showed us some bats close up.

They were so much cuter than you would think!

On our bat walk, she helped us to identify bats using bat detectors.

We saw Common pipistrelle, Soprano pipistrelle, Noctule, Daubentons and Natterers bats. These are just 5 of the 18 species found in Britain.