Extreme Winter Wildlife
Thursday 17th November 2011

This months Wildlife Explorers Indoor Meeting in Tytherington
was about Winter Wildlife and what animals do to survive the winter.

Extreme Winter Wildlife

We found out that some wildlife migrates to other countries, for example Swallows and Ospreys go to Africa. Some wildlife hibernates, for example Hedgehogs and Frogs.
Other animals adapt to their surroundings to survive, for example the Arctic Fox and Wolf.

We played a hilarious penguin relay game involving balloons and lots of waddling.

(It's hard to look 'cool' when you're 'waddling'.)

The Junior group made fantastic penguins in a craft session.



Some of the Teenagers made Animal Tracks books.


The Phoenix group learnt about the plight of polar bears and how close we are
to a scientific tipping point of loosing them to extinction.

However, the belief is that we can still make a difference and stop their demise. Lets!