What's That Bird?
Thursday 19th January 2012

With the RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch on 28/29 January,
our first Indoor Meeting of 2012 focussed on
recognising our commonest garden birds.

What's That Bird?

We tried to recognise birds from their silhouettes (which we found quite hard),
and played a team game identify birds when we could only see part of the bird.

Every year the RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch tells us which birds are increasing in numbers
and which are decreasing. The RSPB uses this information to inform its conservation priorities.
Our Wildlife Explorers said what they thought our commonest birds were
and we checked our list against the 2011 Results.

In our craft activity we made brilliant models of Red Kites.
These birds are the symbol of the RSPB's Save Birds Of Prey campaign,
and this year we are raising money to help with this brilliant campaign.
What's That Bird?

By sticking coloured bits of tissue paper on a cardboard shape, we created fantastic Red Kites!

At all of our birdwatches we use binoculars and telescopes to get better views of birds,
so we practiced adjusting them and using them safely.
      We never look towards the sun through our binoculars and telescopes (in case we damage our eyes).
      We never look through binoculars while walking (in case we trip up or fall over something).
      We never hold pens or pencils while looking through our binoculars (in case we stab them in our eyes).

Binoculars and telescopes are great ways of getting good views of birds!

Our Junior Leaders helped organise the activities and operate the technology.