Conservation work at RSPB Coombes Valley
Saturday 25th February 2012

On a beautiful spring day Macclesfield RSPB Wildlife Explorers gathered at
RSPB Coombes Valley to help with some conservation work on 'Buzzard Bank'.

RSPB Coombes Valley

The team at Coombes Valley are slowly clearing self seeded trees from 'Buzzard Bank'.
The open habitat being created will favour wild flowers, which will attract insects.
Perhaps one day they'll see the return of the Purple Fritillary butterfly which used to be
native to the reserve but which disappeared some years ago.

The RSPB professionals, Ali, Chris and Adam, helped organise the event and started with
a description of the Coombes Valley Reserve and the work being done there.
A Health and Safety talk explained how to use the tools safely and how to carry them.

After a beautiful walk into the depth of the reserve,
everyone got 'stuck in' cutting back any small shoots, twigs and small saplings.



Trendy 'conservation wear' was on display, and someone had to keep an eye on the coats and the drinks!

Our RSPB Phoenix team took on the larger saplings!             Timber!

Those unfamiliar with the tools were closely supervised to prevent any accidents.

All of the brash created was piled up and left to rot down.
In the meantime of course it provides valuable hiding places for small mammals and insects.

There's always time for some colouring, and for some lunch!

After the hard work we all enjoyed some excellent refreshments from the barbeque,
brilliantly prepared by Rowan, Liz and Julian.