Thursday 15th March 2012

Macclesfield RSPB Wildlife Explorers celebrated National Science and Engineering Week by hosting an event investigating the fascinating world of pond water.

World of Water

David McKendry from Manchester Metropolitan University, used his expertise in aquatic habitats
to guide the children through the murky world of life in a pond.
World of Water

Wildlife Explorers carefully took samples of pond water to view under the microscopes.

Workstations were set up to investigate different samples of pond water.


An incredible array of species was discovered amongst the pondweed.


Hog louse, leech, water flea, ramshorn snails, caddis fly larvae, damsel fly nymphs and beetle larvae were just some of the creatures identified using detailed keys.

Wildlife Explorers were also able to take a close look at frogspawn at differing stages of development.

One of the most memorable species to make an appearance was a Signal Crayfish, an introduced American species that is spreading throughout our waterways to the detriment of our native White-clawed Crayfish.

This gave the group the opportunity to consider the potential environmental impact that alien species can have in our native habitats.

This session provided Wildlife Explorers with a fantastic hands-on opportunity to explore the wide variety of invertebrate life in ponds using the kind of equipment that they donít usually have access to.

Everyone enjoyed learning to use the microscopes and being able to see some of these amazing creatures in incredible detail.

Our thanks go to David McKendry and
Manchester Metropolitan University.

World of Water

At the end of each session, winners of RSPB Wildlife Action Awards
were presented with their certificates by Group Leader Tina Hanak.