Dean Oaks School study Flight
Monday 21st May 2012

Macclesfield RSPB Wildlife Explorer Leaders visited Dean Oaks School
in Wilmslow as part of their week long topic on Flight.

The session introduced the different species of British Owl.
Click here for details of british owls.

We looked at the adaptations of owls for silent flight and hunting with a special focus on Barn Owls.
Dean Oaks

Dean Oaks   Dean Oaks
The highlight of the morning was the dissection of Barn Owl pellets
to discover which small mammals the birds had been feeding on.

Dean Oaks   Dean Oaks
The children had lots of fun teasing tiny skulls and bones
from the pellets and identifying them with keys.

They found lots of tiny rodents (mainly mice and voles)
and also some shrew skulls.