Congleton 1st Beavers and Cubs
Wednesday 3rd October 2012

Congleton 1st Beavers and Cubs
Leaders from Macclesfield Wildlife Explorers visited Congleton 1st Beavers & Cubs
to run special sessions on Barn Owls and Penguins.

The Group learned about the different types of British Owl and their calls and the work that the
Cheshire Barn Owl Groups do in our countryside to help conserve these special birds.

The session was rounded off with an owl pellet investigation - using Barn Owl pellets collected from Congleton.

We dissected the pellets and discovered and identified lots of tiny bones
including the skulls of voles and shrews.

The session for the Cubs covered the work of the RSPB and highlighted the Wildlife Explorer Campaign
'Help our Rockhoppers' which aims to identify the causes of the population crash of these crested penguins
in UK overseas territory Tristan da Cunha.


Everyone had fun making brilliant campaign posters!


The penguin relay was a great favourite.