Totally Tropical Wildlife
Thursday 18th October 2012

Totally Tropical Wildlife
Tropical habitats like rainforests are very special
and home to incredible numbers of plants and animals.
We all want to protect them for the future.

We started with a quiz to discover which animals live in the Tropics
(between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn) and watched a short film about rainforests.
We learned about the work The RSPB does in the Harapan rainforest
to restore and protect this amazing habitat in Sumatra.

Some of us made brightly coloured balancing parrots.

We played 'Find my Friends' - where making the noises of rainforest animals
and moving like they do allowed us to find other creatures the same as us.

The older group played Playdough charades. It was hard to make tropical creatures like leaf cutter ants but we had fun!

Certificates were awarded to Wildlife Explorers who helped to raise money
for the RSPB's Birds of Prey Campaign.