Tree Dressing in Tytherington Woods
Sunday 2nd December 2012

Tree Dressing

Tree Dressing is now firmly established in the Wildlife Explorers calendar as the best way to celebrate the end of the year. Families with members of all ages head down to Tytherington Woods to show their understanding and appreciation of trees and woodland in our history and culture.

Inspired by woodland wildlife, legends and fairy tales the group used clay and natural materials to construct some amazing pieces of artwork. The young artists used the array of autumn colours to great effect
- red berries, evergreen leaves, dark brown twigs and the orange and yellows of fallen leaves.


Eventually the artworks will weather away with no impact on the environment.
We recorded all of the work in photographs.

At the end of the session we decided it would be great fun to take part in a challenge to remind us of our campaign to save Rockhopper penguins. We split into teams and built mini shelters suitable for a tiny toy penguin - we tested if these would be sun, rain and snow proof (using a torch, watering can and sieved flour!).

All the teams did really well, building 5 minute shelters that met our brief.
Our penguin survived dry and warm with just a few muddy patches!

No festive celebration would be complete without mince pies, yule log and hot drinks
provided by our brilliant catering team!