King's School Junior Division Nature Club
Big Schools Birdwatch
Tuesday 29th January 2013

King's School Junior Division Nature Club
Leaders joined King's School Junior Division Nature Club for a lunch hour birdwatch.
The weather was overcast but we missed the heavy rain and high winds
that had been predicted by the weather forecast.

We checked out most of the school grounds counting birds on the field and in around the sports pitches.


The best spot of the day was a flock of 25 siskins feeding amongst the alder cones,
high up in the trees in the Ginkgo Meadow.


Other birds seen in high numbers were jackdaw (20) and magpie (8).


Children shared binoculars and used the telescope to get good views
of birds like carrion crow and wood pigeon.


Nature Club members were really enthusiastic and ate their lunches in double quick time
to be able to birdwatch for as long as possible.

Many of the children had already completed their own Big Garden Birdwatch over the weekend.


One keen birder had produced a graph of his results with his brother.

Volunteer RSPB Wildlife Explorer Leaders were on hand to explain how to use binoculars
and 'spotting telescopes' safely, and to help with bird identification.