Puss Bank School
Big Schools Birdwatch
Friday 1st February 2013

Big Schools Birdwatch at Puss Bank School
We had a glorious sunny morning for the Puss Bank School Birdwatch!

Our session started with an assembly about the work of The RSPB
and the reasons we take part in the Big Schools' Birdwatch.


Then the infant and nursery children went into the school grounds in groups to watch and count the birds.



The groups used ID sheets to help them identify the birds that they saw.



We discussed how to listen and look for birds and how to use binoculars safely.



We saw an interesting range of bird species. There were lots of jackdaws, some crows and wood pigeons.


We also saw a goldfinch, a dunnock (singing beautifully) and a tiny treecreeper creeping up the trunk of a tree.



A flock of 9 siskin were feeding in the tops of the alder trees.
They looked beautiful, bright yellow in the sunshine against the blue sky.


The last group were lucky enough to see two enormous mute swans flying overhead.

Volunteer RSPB Wildlife Explorer Leaders were on hand to explain how to use binoculars
and 'spotting telescopes' safely, and to help with bird identification.