Bird Ringing in East Cheshire
Saturday 2nd February 2013

Bird Ringing
Hugh Pulsford of the South Manchester Ringing Group invited small groups of
Macclesfield Wildlife Explorers Junior Leaders to experience
bird ringing sessions in his garden in East Cheshire.

Small groups are able to go along at a time when Hugh puts out his Mist nets (used to catch the birds)
in a shelter belt (a small wooded area near his house) where he maintains a feeding station.

This report by Junior Leader Katherine Mayer.
Photos by David Wilson and Darren Mayer.

On Saturday 2nd February, Junior Leaders Katherine Mayer and David Wilson
went along to our first Bird Ringing session.

Hugh has been doing bird ringing from his house since 2007, and is an A permit holder with the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO). He was joined by another member of the South Manchester Ringing Group,
Jan Riley who is a C permit holder.


Katherine and David were shown the whole of the ringing possess and learnt some of the terminology.
They were shown how to remove the birds from the mist nets, hold the birds (Ringers grip), weigh them and measure the wing length, work out how old the bird is, work out the sex of the bird
and most importantly what species it is!

On that morning 25 birds were caught, of these only 4 had already been ringed.
We did four trips back to the nets (net rounds) and each time a nice number of birds had been caught.
4 x Great tit (1 already ringed)
5 x Goldfinch
6 x Lesser Redpoll (1 already ringed)
1 x Greenfinch
1 x Greater spotted woodpecker
1 x Siskin
6 x Blue tit (1 already ringed)
1 x Bullfinch ( already ringed)


All of the information on the birds was recorded and subsequently entered into the BTO database
where it will go towards helping us have a better understanding of birds and help with their conservation.

Thanks to Hugh and Jan for a really enjoyable and informative morning.