Sunday 3rd March 2013

Bill Oddie - Unplucked!
Wildlife Explorers and Phoenix members enjoyed a great evening's entertainment from Bill Oddie and Stephen Moss at Buxton Opera House.
It was good to be reminded that great wildlife TV programmes
can inspire us to get involved and learn how to enjoy wildlife everywhere.

The evening emphasised that wildlife programmes are put together by a skilled team - presenters, producers, soundmen and cameramen, and that some of the best moments we observe in nature aren't necessarily the ones we plan to see. The clips that were shown (from TV series like 'Birding with Bill Oddie') highlighted some incredible wildlife spectacles including Greater Horseshoe bats leaving a roost on Dartmoor and an enormous starling murmuration above reed beds near the River Severn, all presented with lots of humourous anecdotes.

Our group for the evening was 25 strong and encompassed all ages. Bill and Stephen were very kind, signing books and posing for pictures with us during the interval. It was a real pleasure to meet two individuals who have encouraged so many others through their enthusiasm for wild birds and nature.