Bird Ringing in East Cheshire
Sunday 3rd March 2013

Junior Leaders were again fortunate to have the opportunity to join
Hugh Pulsford, Cheshire and Wirral County Bird Recorder,
in another session surveying, and ringing, wild birds.

This report by Junior Leader Frank Gilbert.

Junior Leaders Bird Ringing
Trained ringers placed safe, fine mesh nets in a wooded area early in the morning to catch a variety of birds.

The birds were carefully handled as we checked their species, sex, approximate age, and wing length.
Then we recorded the information on a chart.

Each bird was then given a ring, with an individual identification number, on its right leg.
Some of the birds were 're-traps' which meant that they had already been given a leg ring,
their details were re-recorded against their number and they were checked for health and well being.

All of the birds were released safely back into the wild
as soon as we had collected all the information we needed.

Table of results

New Retraps
Siskin 29 21
Blue Tit 1 2
Great Tit 1 0
Goldfinch 1 0
Brambling 2 0

Many thanks to Hugh for giving us this fantastic opportunity to observe this process at close hand and to help us understand better how this monitoring programme contributes to the conservation of wild birds.