Nest making at Cheadle Hulme Junior School
Tuesday 12th March 2013

Nest making at Cheadle Hulme Junior School
Leaders visited Year 3 at Cheadle Hulme Junior School
to run a workshop on birds and nest-building as part of their topic on materials.



Groups collected natural materials from the school grounds and then constructed a nest that would provide
a safe environment for a bird to raise young. We tested the nests with chocolate eggs!


Lots of birds build nests to provide a safe place to lay eggs and raise chicks.


They build nests in a wide range of places using lots of different materials.
And they select materials depending on their properties to give their nests structure,
comfort, waterproofing, warmth and even decoration.

We concluded that birds are incredible architects.
It is very difficult to replicate their nest-building feats even with hands!