Lagomorphs (Rabbits & Hares)
Thursday 18th April 2013

Macclesfield RSPB Wildlife Explorers have been learning all about
the fascinating world of lagomorphs - rabbits and hares.

The latest session focussed on understanding
the difference in appearance and behaviour
between these two similar British mammals.

Although most people realise that hares are larger than rabbits with longer, black-tipped ears
some of the other differences between the two are less well-known.
- Rabbits live in burrows underground and their young (called kittens) are born naked, helpless and blind.
- Hares are found in more open areas, their young (called leverets) are born in a shallow depression
  made in grass called a 'form', they are fully furred and active at birth.

Our first Wildlife Explorer group also made seed bombs - balls of clay, compost and wildflower seeds.


Wildlife Exp[lorers use these seed bombs to sow plants that are great for wildlife
in hard-to-reach parts of their gardens.

They are ideal for use just before an April shower as the seed bomb softens,
absorbs water and then provides nutrients for the seeds to germinate!

Phoenix members played a 'Quick on the draw' game to guess lots of signs of spring.


There were interesting interpretations of subjects as diverse as daffodils, newts and April showers.