What's Bugging You?

Thursday 16th May 2013

Macclesfield RSPB Wildlife Explorers investigated the
fascinating world of minibeasts at their indoor meeting.

What's Bugging You
At the start of the meeting we attempted to identify some minibeast specimens (some were plastic models!) - including a centipede, crane fly and an oak gall, home to the grub larva of a tiny gall wasp.

We learned about the different parts of an insect and made a huge model on the floor.
Insects have a head, thorax (where their 6 legs and wings are attached) and an abdomen.
Spiders on the other hand have two body parts: a cephlathorax and an abdomen and eight legs.

We watched short video clips of a butterfly emerging from a pupa and a spider spinning a web.

Phoenix learned all about the three types of metamorphosis associated with insect life cycles
- Complete, Incomplete and Amorphic models.

Craft activities included curly clay snails.

....and beautiful window beetles.

The group made a human spider's web to test their spider sense.
In the same way that spiders detect big juicy flies for dinner, children had to detect vibrations on the web.
Some Wildlife Explorers had more spider sense than others!