Bollin Valley Balsam Bash

Saturday 18th May 2013

Bollin Valey Balsam Bash
Wildlife Explorers and RSPB Phoenix gathered at Riverside Park in Macclesfield
for a morning of conservation work.

Bollin Valley Partnership Ranger Emma explained how to identify our plant target for the morning and the reason the work was necessary.

Himalayan Balsam is a very pretty garden escape brought into this country by the Victorians. It colonises the banks of many waterways in the UK and, if allowed to mature, each individual plant can spread thousands of seeds through a combination of an explosive release system and being spread long distances in the water.

It is a tall, fast-growing plant that can out-compete many native flowers.

Volunteers pulled up the Himalayan balsam plants and stamped on the roots to crush them
to prevent any possible regrowth.




We played games that demonstrated parts of plant life cycle.
Junior Leader David gallantly offered to represent a grass flower collecting pollen on the wind!

Then we warmed up by playing the Incredible Squirrel Challenge! A team of Grey squirrels and a team of Red squirrels competed to collect as many acorns as possible. (Reds won!)

We completed a super morning of Balsam clearing and the rain held off!