Garden Bioblitz in Higher Sutton.
1st & 2nd June 2013

Garden Bioblitz
Leaders from Macclesfield RSPB Wildlife Explorers and their families
have taken part in the national Garden Bioblitz.
The group tried to identify as many species of bird, mammal, insect and plant
as possible during the course of a weekend
at one of the Leader's homes in Higher Sutton.

To give the group as many chances as possible to identify different creatures during the Bioblitz they employed a range of techniques and equipment such as sweep netting, beating trays, kick sampling, footprint tunnels and sand traps.



It was a great opportunity for Leaders to brush up their ID skills and to try their hand at identifying unfamiliar groups such as lichen.



As well as spotting impressive bird migrants redstart and swift (the first record at that location) the group were delighted to identify water crickets, caddis fly larvae, and an Egghed Mottlegill fungus.



Gardens across the UK represent a great opportunity for nature.
By making simple changes such as providing nestboxes and using insect-friendly planting
we can all drastically improve our garden's value as wildlife habitats.

The weekend also involved some of the group camping overnight
and plenty of time to socialise and enjoy a barbecue!