15th Townley Street Beavers

Tuesday 25th June 2013

Leaders from Wildlife Explorers helped the 15th Townley Street Beavers
explore the world of minibeasts in the evening sunshine
at local beauty spot Teggs Nose Country Park.

Townley Street Beavers

The group learned about the work of The RSPB and the most common types of minibeast.

The group used pooters to collect tiny insets like flies and springtails and also discovered how to use bug pots safely. As well as looking at creatures like moths and meadow bugs in the grass we also spotted spiders and millipedes on the ground and under stones.

We had great fun shaking trees to see which tiny creatures inhabited the leaves.

Teggs Nose provide a great location for our session and a wide variety of minibeasts to look at.
The natural world is full of tiny creatures - you just have to look carefully to find them!